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Circular Economy Thinking #CEThinking Live Blog - Challenges and Opportunities for the Construction Sector.

Circular economy thinking means maintaining access to materials and resources for continual and future use. With an ever-expanding human population and rising standards of living across the globe, it is likely to be the only viable option to maintain standards of living.

Much of the work to develop CE thinking to date has been focused on short-lived consumer goods such as phones, computers, washing machines etc. But can this thinking also be applied to buildings and infrastructure that exist for decades if not centuries? Examples of the reuse of buildings or construction materials and products litter the millennia, but how can modern buildings and modern materials be designed to be better used, last longer and be available for similar or alternate purposes at end of life?

The Circular Economy Working Group was set up in November 2015. Its outputs to date are:

  • A Workshop on 12 February 2016 in London attended by over a 100 people from across the construction lifecycle looking at the issues involved to embed circular economy thinking into construction. Click the button to the right to review the live blog of the workshop and download the presentations. Circular Economy Workshop
  • A Knowledge Resource interactive pdf has been produced to direct people to the many activities and issues that must be addressed to deliver circular economy thinking into construction. Click the interactive pdf image below.
  • A Twitter Group has been set up to facilitate a wider conversation at #CEThinking

    The live blog, containing highlights of the event, links and resources, should appear below, or else click this link.

    The workshop is convened under the aegis of the government/industry Green Construction Board (GCB). Find out more about the GCB Circular Economy Working Group here.

    The project partners for this workshop are the GCB, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Construction Products Association (CPA), the KTN, BRE and Just Practising.