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The Green Construction Board launches new standard on Carbon Management in Infrastructure

At the Infrastructure Carbon Review 2 Years On conference held on 4th May 2016, Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills and Andrew Wolstenholme, CEO Crossrail, in their capacities as co-Chairs of the Construction Leadership Council, launched a new standard to encourage a consistent approach to the management of carbon by all involved in infrastructure. PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 2080, developed by the Construction Leadership Council’s Green Construction Board (GCB), sets out the principles and components of a carbon management system and requirements on the whole value chain.

The PAS is accompanied by a detailed guidance document and associated articles developed by expert practitioners from across the industry with case studies and worked examples to help those implementing the system.

Alongside PAS 2080 and its guidance, the GCB has also published a progress report on the organisations that have made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, through endorsing the Infrastructure Carbon Review. The report sets out how these organisations are making progressing and shares the good practice they are demonstrating.

Skills Minister and Co-Chair of the Construction Leadership Council, Nick Boles said:

“Today I’ve heard about the great strides being made by businesses in driving forward the pledges from the Infrastructure Carbon Review. Business has cottoned on to how saving carbon, saves costs. The launch of the infrastructure standard provides a tool to enable industry to take the next step and I encourage them to do just that.”

Co-Chair of the Construction Leadership Council and CEO of Crossrail, Andrew Wolstenholme said:

“I’m really pleased to see the action being taken by the Construction Leadership Council’s Green Construction Board to further tackle carbon emissions from the sector. Industry is increasingly showing willingness to act and the launch of the PAS provides a framework which all organisations can adopt.”

Mike Putnam, Chair of the GCB and President & CEO of Skanksa UK said:

“This conference and the PAS demonstrate how industry is willing to show clear leadership to tackle climate change. I want to warmly thank the many industry participants involved in the development of the PAS.”

Chris Newsome, Director for Asset Management, Anglian Water and Chair of the GCB’s Infrastructure Working Group said:

“We are now seeing more evidence of leadership across the value chain in delivering reduced carbon reduced cost solutions. The Green Construction Board Infrastructure Working Group is determined to maintain this momentum with the challenge of embedding the solid framework of PAS 2080 across the infrastructure sector which everyone in a business from CEO to carbon practitioner can follow.”

Further Information

PAS 2080 – Carbon Management in Infrastructure is available to buy on the British Standard’s Institute’s website:

The PAS 2080 guidance document, related articles, an infographic and the report on progress being made by businesses which have endorsed the Infrastructure Carbon Review, can all be viewed and downloaded on the Green Construction Board website: Click here to find out more

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