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The focus of the Carbon Subgroup of the Greening the Industry Working Group has been on reducing carbon emissions during the construction phase of a project, i.e. from the construction site.

This work has especially focused on a target from the 2008 joint industry-government Strategy for Sustainable Construction of decreasing emissions from site by 15 % by 2012.   The work has been led by the Strategic Forum for Construction Carbon Subgroup, now morphed into this Greening the Industry Subgroup.

The Subgroup, assisted in its early years by Arup as technical consultants funded by the Carbon Trust, and in the past year by WRAP with technical support from URS, has produced the following outputs:

  • Defined the scope, - the boundaries – of its work
  • Established a methodology for measuring carbon emissions on a construction site
  • Declared a 2008 baseline, both absolute and relative to annual construction output
  • Measured annual performance against the 2008 baseline:
  • Published an Action Plan for reducing carbon on construction sites
  • Focused on six tasks in the action plan for greater implementation
  • Produced three How to Posters for :
  1. Reducing carbon emissions on construction sites
  2. Save money and CO2 emissions through effective logistics
  3. Save money and CO2 emissions through smarter business travel

Reducing the footprint of construction processes - The 2012 Assessment Figures and Project Overview


Measurement and Data:

Data and methodology paper for the Strategic Forum target to reduce construction carbon by 15% by 2012

2008 Baseline for reducing carbon emissions from the construction site by 2012

2009 Assessment

2010 Assessment

Construction carbon 15% target by 2012 Scoping paper

Action Plans:

An Action Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions on Construction Sites

How To Guidance:

How to reduce CO2 on construction sites

How to save money and CO2 through smarter business travel

How to save money and CO2 emissions through effective logistics

Additional Resources:

PAS 2050:2011 Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services