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Water Management Planning Guidance for Construction Projects

Water Management Planning Guidance for Construction Projects


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The national environmental regulators have jointly published a range of Pollution Prevention Guidance Notes (PPGs) to advise industry and the public on legal responsibilities and good environmental practice.

The primary PPG for construction sites is ‘Working at construction and demolition sites: PPG6 Pollution Prevention Guidelines’ which is available at

Supporting this guidance is a document specific to managing concrete washout on site, this is available at

More general guidance can be found at

Pollution prevention needs to be considered in relation to:

  • Watercourses located in the vicinity of your site
  • Discharges from your site
  • Extreme events such as, surface water onto site, flooding on site and surface water flow off site.

Site Drainage

As an example of best practice, a drainage plan specific to site should be drafted and included within the Water Management Plan (refer to example below).

Site Drainage Plan