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Water Management Planning Guidance for Construction Projects

Water Management Planning Guidance for Construction Projects


head Water-footprinting

In parallel with carbon management and reporting, water reporting is emerging as a headline indicator at a corporate level. Normally the water use reported at corporate level considers direct water use only. However water foot-printing is now starting to be an emerging trend and clients are requesting that contractors consider the water footprint of the construction site – or the embodied water of the materials used on site.

Traditionally embodied water refers to the cumulative quantity of water used to produce a product through the supply chain.

More information on embodied impacts* (including water), life cycle assessment (LCA), and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) can be found at:

Useful information on tools to calculate water impacts can be found in the report available at

A case study of water foot-printing can be found at

* Note that current methodologies for calculating embodied water do not assess water scarcity or quality issues.