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Fundamental truths low carbon design in uk construction

‘Fundamental Truths’ has been developed through the infrastructure board of the GCB, made up of senior representatives from leading UK public and private infrastructure organisations. The group aims to share experience gained in developing and delivering low carbon designs.
Based on this experience, the ‘Fundamental Truths’ tool is provided here as an an interactive diagram linked to a series of case studies.

The main diagram shows how it is possible to deliver the six outcomes (shown in top right):
o    A contribution to climate change mitigation
o    Reduced use of resources
o    Lower embodied carbon and capital cost
o    Lower operational carbon and running costs
o    Improved solutions
o    Increased UK competitive advantage
The diagram also identifies the six key stakeholders (colour-coded in bottom left) in the infrastructure arena and sets out a series of concepts and enablers under the key themes of:
o    Goals, aspirations and leadership
o    Communication and buy-in
o    Baseline targets and measurement
o    Asset standards and innovation
o    Commercial solutions
o    Process governance
Each concept and enabler item (turquoise/blue boxes) across the diagram indicates which of the colour-coded stakeholders are important to delivery within that area, and the adjacent green bars show the current number of case studies against each item. The case studies provide practical examples of how these concepts and enablers are implemented.

To open a case study, simply click on the relevant concept or enabler icon. Each case study spans two pages, with an arrow at the top of each front page to navigate to the second. Pressing the ‘Home’ icon will return to the main diagram.

The top line of the diagram highlights the timeline for delivering reduced carbon and reduced cost, and the expected reductions in embodied carbon from a baseline year.

If you have any queries regarding the tool, please contact David Riley (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Click on the button to the right to open the Fundamental Truths - Low-carbon design in UK construction PDF tool

Alternativley click on the image below to open a larger version of the diagram in which you can click through to Case Studies related to each of the Fundamental Truths actions.


If you cannot see the interactive version of the Fundamental Truths diagram above, please download a version here.