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Knowledge and Skills

The Knowledge and Skills group has delivered three projects to inform its work:

    1. Establishing the Knowledge & Skills Challenge for UK Green Construction Project

The working group commissioned Sweett Group to investigate the knowledge and skills challenges to deliver sustainable outcomes in the built environment. The project found there is currently a gap in the knowledge and skills required to meet the Government’s future Carbon Budgets, both in the harder, technical knowledge and the softer skills. It identified

      • the group of actors perceived to have the most influence over low carbon/energy outcomes and those with the greatest gaps in associated knowledge/skills
      • the barriers and challenges facing these actors, preventing them from taking action on carbon and energy outcomes, were also identified

The report forms a key informative in prioritising the group’s future activity.

    1. Standard Protocols for Data Collection and Knowledge Acquisition Project

Our project with BSRIA has reviewed the tools commonly used within the industry to measure performance and the extent to which protocols and common metrics are used to enable output requirements to be set and performance to be benchmarked.

A key output of this project is a matrix which incorporates the various tools and methodologies identified comparing the purpose and approach adopted.

The findings illustrate that there is a plethora of different tools measuring outcomes in slightly different ways with no common protocol or methodology. This means it is extremely difficult to benchmark performance and for clients to set clear requirements.

It provided a key input into the Group’s third project, and the Board’s wider data project.

    1. Knowledge Capture and Dissemination Project

Delivery of the Knowledge Capture and Dissemination Project, undertaken by SDF. This set out the current position on sustainability data capture, availability and accessibility within the construction and property sectors, and:

      • identified what/where substantive data exists that is not being used and its’ potential to influence change; and
      • quantified the opportunity and benefits of improved data capture and dissemination, and the business case for action.

The project set out intelligence not only on the existence and quality of data sets and how these might be improved, but it also investigated the quality of the interfaces between each of the steps in the hierarchy.

Package Title   Downloads
GCB 410 Establishing the knowledge and skills challenge for UK green construction   GCB410 Final Report
GCB 420 Standard Protocols for Data Collection and Knowledge Acquisition   GCB 420 Final Report
GCB 430 Knowledge Capture and Dissemination   GCB 430 Final Report
GCB 430 Executive Summary