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This current page is an archive of all previous GCB information/documents and is no longer being updated

Valuation and Demand

The Green Construction Board commissioned three pieces of work and jointly funded a fourth with the Green Property Alliance after a competitive tender exercise. These are listed below together with the outputs where available:

Package Title   Downloads
GCB 630 Mapping the impacts of minimum energy efficiency standards for commercial real estate   GCB630 Final Report
GCB630 Executive Summary
GCB630 Launch Slides
GCB 620 Energy efficiency policies in the domestic real estate sector   GCB620 Summary Report
GCB620 Executive Summary
GCB620 Launch Slides
COMPASS Policy Toolkit
GCB 610 Mapping the real estate lifecycle for effective policy interventions   GCB610 Final Report
GCB610 Launch Slides
Carbon Penalties & Incentives -Work 50% funded by the Green Construction Board in collaboration with Deloitte LLP and the Green Property Alliance   Carbon Penalties and Incentives - Launch Presentation
Carbon Penalties and Incentives - Main Report
Carbon Penalties and Incentives - Executive Summary
Carbon Penalties and Incentives - Appendices