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Solid Wall Insulation Review


The Green Construction Board has commissioned Chief Construction Adviser, Peter Hansford to undertake a review of Solid Wall Insulation (SWI). The review is to consider what more might be done to unlock demand for SWI, improve its affordability and increase its attractiveness as a solution. Green Construction Board members, Rob Lambe (Willmott Dixon) and Lynne Sullivan (SustainableByDesign) have agreed to support Peter as a Steering Group to the commission. The review team will liaise closely with, but remain independent from, DECC and DCLG. This Call for Evidence has strong support from DECC, DCLG and BIS.

Issues to be addressed in the review include:

  • benefits of SWI
  • drivers of investment
  • manufacturing capacity
  • the impact of existing policies
  • the skills required to ensure that SWI installations comply with the building regulations
  • the time needed for the development of appropriate guidance before increasing the uptake
  • self-certification vs inspection
  • health and environmental issues
  • possible quick wins
  • other issues of relevance
  • Barriers to uptake (e.g. perceived disruption to householder)

July 2015 - The call for evidence has now closed. Work is underway to review all evidence and a report will be published by Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser to the Government, in the Autumn.